The State of Things Update.

(TL;DR – I’m broke and things haven’t gone as planned but everything will be ok)

It has been frustrating being here so far due to the fact that the space I am leasing wasn’t available when I thought it was going to be and also because the State of Pa licensing department is completely mismanaged and idiotic. So, all of the money I have saved to get the space and my life started, I have had to use to live on and to buy some equipment for said space. I’ve been out of money for quite a while now and I’m living on what I can sell on eBay and local buy/sell apps and sites. I have been using my credit cards which is NOT a good thing but what can you do. It is too difficult to try to do hair without an address, I am not first page on Google and popular on Yelp like I was in Seattle. I am still getting so many new clients inquiring but they are in Seattle! ugh. As soon as I have an address that I can advertise everything will move much more quickly.

October 1st the space will be mine finally. I need to get plumbing for a shampoo sink (and buy a shampoo sink/chair) and do various things in there but alas I have no money to pay people to do work unless I use credit cards which is what will have to happen. Isn’t that what all the great entrepreneurs do? Max out credit cards?  I am always open to anyone wanting to volunteer to help! In the future I can pay back!
I have to wait for the state to inspect the shop before I can do any hair legally and I’ve heard they can take months to do it. I also have to pass my state boards (which should have been done long ago but the state and Pearson Vue are ridiculous). I have been studying but I have forgotten so much that I am nervous about it. So, as you can see shit is stressful but I am dealing with it.
This is not forever and everything will be OK but for now, damn!

I went from making a good living to being flat broke within a couple months and it does not feel good. So, this has made me not able to be social or do things but I am remaining optimistic of course! Thankfully I do not have massive rent and utility bills to pay any more.
I would love to have bbq’s and dinner parties and go out for food and see all the bands, hang with old friends and make new friends but I just can’t do that until I have my life squared away. So if I have not reached out this is why and it is not forever. I am hiding in my little hole until I can break out and be a person. I am hoping to make Descendants of Crom 2018 but I know that this won’t be possible unless I whip out the credit cards and I’m really trying to not do that. I hate being responsible but dammit I am good at it!

On a brighter note, the kid got a great job that has benefits and we got Mom a new Dr. and she is feeling much better now! So at least the rest of family is doing well which is more than half the battle. Now I have to wait my turn. 

Anyone that knows me knows that I NEVER ask for help, ever.
But, If anyone is feeling generous my PayPal is and the Amazon shopping list (that is always growing) for the new biz is here

I refuse to do a GoFundMe because I feel that that should be for serious catastrophes and not me begging due to my lack of planning. In hindsight, I could have saved more money and sold… not given away most of my possessions but it is what it is.

Sorry for the complaining and not presenting a perfect life like most of the internet but I wanted people to know what is up! Life is not perfect and I am not afraid to say so. Just know that I am not depressed or sad. I am positive and I know things will work out. They always do.

Goatsnake and COC – 8 years ago.

I was looking through my Facebook memories today and ran into this post from 8 years ago.
I thought it was memorable enough for a repost to Instagram 🙂
You will have to click and scroll through the images, there are 4 of them.

Steel City Comic Con

Steel City Con

Just a few pics, it was a funny time!
I saw Robert Wagner, Catherine Bach, Tom Wopat, Michael Nesmith, Jyoti Amge (who is super cute!) and Tim Matheson. I’m on a serious budget right now so no pics or autographs.
I bought tix for this a few months ago when we were still in Seattle!
I’m glad I did that 🙂

Frick Park.

Frick Park in Pittsburgh, PA has changed since I was younger.

The trails have signs with corresponding names and are well defined with gravel.
This particular entrance underneath what used to be Foodland was sort of sketchy whenever I walked it. There used to be mattresses and interesting items around. Not anymore!
Now it has a name “Braddock Trail”.
I’m assuming that it has been there for a long time now but I haven’t explored that area in probably 35  years now.

Do teenagers still have keggers down there? Or are they all looking at their phones now?
I’m hoping that kids are still having good old fashioned devious fun like I did.
I was trying to remember where it was that I burned the rubber on my sneakers from being too close to the bonfire but my memory fails me.
I remember running from the police up an embankment that filtered out into a residential area in Regent Square. It was terrifying, I have never been much of a runner but I was never caught!

The old fire truck in the playground is no longer something that children can sit in and pretend to fight fires. I’m assuming that has been gone for a long time now.
The ground underneath the area with the swings is padded! Kids are so spoiled these days 😉

I took a few photos of my adventures as a much older person in the park of my younger years.

These are unedited photos taken with an iPhone 8+.